Linton is a small town with plenty of facilities for families. There is a number of playgrounds within Linton, with the school boasting a community playground built by the community, for use in and out of school hours. The school also allows internet and computer use within their library area.

There is also a skate park and bmx track located centrally.

The Recreation Reserve is home to an indoor stadium, community meeting room, an oval and tennis courts, and sees football, netball and cricket clubs using their premises. As well as other groups including the school, playgroup (currently in recess), fire brigade and senior citizens to mention a few.

There are a variety of businesses within the town including a hotel, takeaway,cafe, general store,  and second hand shops.

Linton has many natural attractions. The Skipton rail trail passes through Linton and is used by walkers, horse and bike riders alike. There are a number of reservoirs that are used for fishing, swimming and picnicking. Some camping spots include areas such as Devils Kitchen and the Crossing (Woady Yaloak.) Linton also has a number of significant flora and fauna areas.

For more information about the township of Linton follow the links or alternatively contact the Golden Plains Shire direct.

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